Fibreglass Planters


Our fibreglass planters collection features the contemporary and stylish terrazzo finishes, together with the vibrant high gloss colour finishes.  Very popular due to their lightweight yet strong and durable nature. The collection includes all the bestselling planter shapes including Troughs, Dividers, Cubes, Cylinders and Tall Tapered or Cubed Planters to complement any modern urban home. The pots and planters range in size from the smaller indoor pots to the extra large feature planter pieces.

Fibreglass Planters Have Many Advantages

Lightweight – an excellent choice when weight is an issue, such as on rooftop gardens or balconies.

Strong and durable.

Totally maintenance free. No Sealant required.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use all year round.

Frost-proof and non-corrosive.

Fade resistant.

Consistent colour finish.

Fibreglass Planters - Giant egg planters Fibreglass Lightweight terrazzo Fibreglass Planters - Deep bowls
Fibreglass Oblong planters Fibreglass Planters - Cube Fibreglass Lightweight terrazzo
Fibreglass Lightweight terrazzo Fibreglass Planters - Tall tapered squares Fibreglass Deep bowl
Fibreglass Deep bowl Fibreglass Tall round planters Fibreglass Planters - Dark Rustic