Fibreglass Statues

fibreglass statues for home and garden

This fibreglass statues collection provides enormous scope with which to enhance a home and garden or commercial premises. The statues include farm & wild animals, birds, dinosaurs, themed human figures, a telephone booth, restaurant menu boards and a vast range of domestic décor.

The Benefits of Fibreglass Statues

Fibreglass begins with threads of glass which are created when liquid molten glass is forced through a sieve. These threads of glass are then mixed with liquid plastic resin. In this liquid state, the material is flexible enough to flow into all the fine details of the mould and create an authentic and attractive product.

Fibreglass is an ideal material for statues because of its strength, durability and ability to produce statues with fine detail. Fibreglass statues are significantly lighter than those made from concrete, bronze or other materials, making them easier to handle and transport.

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 Fibreglass statues Fibreglass statues Fibreglass statues