Sandstone Marble Resin

This collection is comprised of reconstituted sandstone, marble light and the lightweight fibreglass resin and cold cast. The products range includes planters, urns, pedestals and troughs, together with a huge range of statues, water features and garden ornaments. Included in this collection is the best selling sandstone letterbox.

CE_Sand marble urns and pedestals display_WEBSITE CE_Sand marble planter display_WEBSITE CE_Marble planter display_WEBSITE
CE_Marble general display_WEBSITE CE_marble urn display 2_WEBSITE CE_Marble urn display_WEBSITE
CE_Marble statue display_WEBSITE CE_Letterbox display_WEBSITE CE_MST08_WEBSITE
CE_MPLC2T(BK) on pedestal_WEBSITE CE_MST175 kissing doves on MC2F pedestal_WEBSITE CE_CCIP21_WEBSITE
CE_Cold cast Iron display_WEBSITE CE_Cold cast Bronze statues_WEBSITE CE_Marble statue display 2_WEBSITE