Vietnam Essentials


This collection includes the traditional terracotta finish, together with the high fired, dark clay ironstone finish; the sand blasted oldstone finish; and the sand and cement finish of ocean. The collection covers everyday pots styles, together with a basic range of garden décor items including herb pots, bonsai pots, animal ornaments, Buddha and Easter Island heads.

VT_Citrus planter_WEBSITE VT_Boot_WEBSITE VT_Trough with pattern_WEBSITE
VT_French urn cream_WEBSITE VT_Head planter_WEBSITE VT_pocket herb pot_WEBSITE
VT_Egg planter_WEBSITE VT_Pumpkin face_WEBSITE VT_French urn_WEBSITE
VT_Elephant with trunk up_WEBSITE VT_Shell planter green_WEBSITE VT_Bowl_WEBSITE
VT_Cone planter_WEBSITE VT_Milan square_WEBSITE VT_Dimple jar falling green_WEBSITE